Frequently asked questions

Is the hostel exclusively for Jain girls?

Yes, the hostel is exclusively for Jain girls.

What amenities are available in the hostel?

Our hostel offers round-the-clock Wi-Fi, lift access, 24/7 security, laundry, Jain-prepared meals, single rooms with individual bathrooms, abundant natural light, and air conditioning in every room.

How much does it cost?

The room price, including all meals, is ₹16,000 per month.

Are there separate facilities for dining and cooking for Jain dietary preferences?

Yes, all meals prepared at the hostel adhere to Jain dietary principles.

What security measures are in place within the hostel premises?

Our hostel maintains 24/7 security surveillance.

How far is the hostel from prominent educational institutions in Kota?

The hostel is conveniently located within 1km of popular educational institutions such as Allen, Physicswala, Vibrant, Unacademy and Resonance.

Is there a curfew or specific timings for entry and exit?

Yes, residents must not exit the hostel after 8:30 PM.

Are visitors allowed, and if so, what are the visiting hours and policies?

Only parents of students are permitted to visit, with prior notification to the warden and if parents would like to stay, accommodation can be provided subject to room availability at a small fees.

What medical facilities are available nearby or within the hostel?

Wardens are equipped with a first aid kit, and there are three hospitals within a 500-meter radius of the hostel.

Are there study areas or quiet zones available for academic purposes?

Yes, we provide a dedicated study room for academic pursuits.

How is laundry managed within the hostel?

Laundry service is included for all students.

Is there Wi-Fi available for residents?

Yes, Wi-Fi access is provided to all students.

Are there any additional fees or charges beyond the rent?

Yes, food charges are additional.

How is billing and payment handled?

Students are required to pay a one-month rent as a security deposit along with monthly rental payments.